How Men With Different Style Statement Wear Dog Tags?


Dog tags are one of the versatile jewelry options for men. It can be styled in different ways and for different occasions. Unlike women, men have fewer options when it comes to jewelry. So they try to mix and match whatever options are available for them. Dog tags are one of them. Every man has their own style, choice, and preference for jewelry. Not all of them have the same kind of style statement. So it is important for you to get acquainted with the kind of style you want to flaunt or show-off in front of others. It is good to set some kind of parameters regarding your fashion statement. Various Parameters for Choosing a Style Statement The parameters on the basis of which you can choose or determine your personal style statement are: Your personality Your presence Your profession Your preference Your upbringing Your likings Your environment Determining Dog Tags Depending on the Style Type There are a lot of ways in which you can choose the kind of dog tags that you can wear. But the first thing that you need to remember is your style. Most of your fashion statement depends on that. The following are different types of styles for which dog tags are perfect. The Hip-Hop Hunk Look If you are a handsome hunk and like hip-hop style statements with unique jewelry, then you can think of wearing the cool dog tags for guys without hesitation. You can sport them with jogger pants, layered parkas, distressed denim, and snapbacks with sneakers. When sporting this style, remember to buy metal dog tags in silver color. You can also choose trendy colors like rose gold. The Rockstar Look If you are a man who loves the rockstar, then dog tags are perfect for you as well. You can even opt to buy leather bracelets that match your dog tags to look extra smart and tough. The Corporate Look You love the corporate look and thought that you cannot wear dog tags? You are absolutely wrong. As mentioned, dog tags are versatile and can be styled with anything. Wear your cool dog tags for guys with suits and blazers to attend informal occasions of your office like parties and get-togethers. The Adventure Look If backpacking is your hobby and maintaining a fashion statement is your love, then you can carry one or two pieces of dog tag jewelry to your trip to get that sophisticated yet travel-friendly look. You can even buy leather bracelets and carry them to wear with your dog tags. This will give you, even more, a cleaner and classy look. Wear dog tags with T-shirts, denim, and casual shorts. Personalized gifts have become one of the latest trends in gifting. The biggest advantage of gifting customized or personalized gifts is that they are unique. They have the touch of the loved one who is gifting. Like many other things, jewelry can also be personalized for both men. But the best option for men would be stylish dog tags. They can complement any modern man and give them a contemporary look instantly. They are easy to customize and it can be worn with any kind of outfit as well.Generally, dog tags are found in black or metallic colors. But you can personalize dog tag jewelry, in your loved one’s favorite color. Men love to sport blue, olive green, dark brown, and grey. If anyone of these is his favorite, go ahead with the personalization.Another way to personalize dog tags for men is to inscribe his name on it. This is the best for gifting your boyfriend or your better half. You can buy leather bracelets with it too.You can also personalize dog tags for him by inscribing a beautiful message on it or your feelings towards him that you want to convey.