Top 4 things to look at while getting a collection of bags


As we all know, handbags are any woman’s best friend and like any other woman on the planet, you need bags that can carry all your essentials, from on-the-go makeup to a wallet, to other emergency items. But that doesn’t mean you purchase bags just because you can fit all your necessities in them, the shape, design and colour of the bags also do matter, as they help in shaping your personality and overall look.

It’s important to try on a new handbag to make sure it does not slip over your shoulder. You also need to check if the bag goes with your work and weekend outfits. There are certain things to consider before you purchase your new bestie and we are here to help you with that.

  1. Size – Don’t just blindly purchase bags just because they look pretty, think about all the necessities that you usually carry in your handbag and then look for bags that can accommodate all those items and then some. Also consider the purpose of buying the bags, whether you need them for the office or for going out and about. Don’t forget, different types of bags suit different body shapes, too. An undersized bag may make you appear larger by comparison, but a bulky tote which is positioned under your arm could add unwanted bulk to your waistline.
  2. Check the customer reviews – If you are someone who purchases bags online, then you need to browse through the customer reviews and look at the pictures of the product posted by previous customers. If the size, colour, and material match the product displayed on the website then you can go ahead with the payment. Sometimes the image quality too can bias your opinion so make sure you go through 3 to 4 customer reviews before making the purchase.
  3. Functionality and durability – While purchasing handbags, make sure you double check it in terms of materials – if there are any wear and tear – if the bag has zippers, check if they are working properly, and maybe even put some of your essentials and check if the bag can hold the weight and isn’t too heavy on your wrists or shoulders. And if buttons and zippers are functional, then you don’t have to worry about fallen or stolen items.
  4. Versatility – Always go for bags that are versatile enough so that you can use that bag for multiple occasions and outfits. All you need to check is if that bag has detachable handle straps and if not, check if you can at least adjust the size of the strap and transform it into a mini hand purse, cross-body bag or a tote bag.
  5. Style – If you’re going to buy a bag that you’ll be able to use for many occasions, then completely avoid going for any trendy bags that you’ll be pleasured to use for a few months, but it will usually end up in the next year’s Halloween costume pile or might not be used at all after a certain time when the bag is no longer trendy.

One more important thing to check before buying bags is to check the number of compartments the bag provides. While bags with fewer compartments might seem handy, always go for multi-compartment bags because when it comes to finding a certain item during an emergency situation. It’s best to consider the number of compartments so you can keep your items organized and find them in your time of need.

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