Facts- Is onion oil good for hair?


Onion hair oil is very effective in optimizing the hair growth cycle, and it consists of plenty of antioxidants that work mainly to boost the functioning of certain enzymes. The enzymes work together, and they prevent hair fall. As a result, many people use onion hair oil regularly, which will help treat baldness.

Hair fall is a widespread problem faced by many people, and unhealthy eating habits, stress and a hectic lifestyle are some of the major contributing factors that take a significant toll on the health of your hair.

Following are some facts about onions-

  • Promotes hair growth

Onion hair oil is overpowered with red onion extracts, a source of Sulphur that is a vital element essential for hair growth. You should apply onion hair oil to your hair as it makes it thicker and increases its volume. One should use this hair oil regularly as it nourishes the scalp and averts hair fall.

  • Treats dandruff

Red onion hair oil has many antiseptic properties and helps ward off dandruff on the scalp. The best part about this hair oil is that it also treats scalp infections from within the root. In addition, there are several bioactive compounds in this oil. These compounds nourish your follicles, and they also lessen hair thinning to a considerable extent. In addition, it adds strength and volume to your hair and prevents it from damaging.

  • It prevents greying

This hair oil is equipped with the goodness of several essential vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants in the oil assist in preventing premature greying of hair. One should use this oil regularly as it improves the texture of your hair.

  • Acts as a conditioner

The red onion hair oil blends in well with any other hair oil. It acts as a carrier oil and thus reaps its benefits. It is crucial to regularly massage your hair with this hair oil as it nurtures the scalp and it also acts like a conditioner. Many people use this natural ingredient as a hair mask as it boosts hair regrowth and the best part is that this hair oil does not have any side effects.

  • Fights lice infestation

The pungent smell of this oil wards off lice from one’s head, and it also avoids lice infestation in your head. However, you should regularly make use of this hair oil to prevent lice infestation.

  • Use onion hair oil as a mask.

This oil can be mixed with any other type of oil, such as coconut oil, and one can get to enjoy double benefits. All one should do is mix these two oils and massage gently on your head. One should keep it overnight and rinse it well with any type of organic shampoo.

  • Avoids splits

We tend to chop off our split ends instead of treating them. This reduces the length of our hair, making them look uneven. There are sulphur components in this oil, and they not only prevent split ends but also turn the hair softer and increase its volume.

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