Types of ethnic suits every girl should have in her wardrobe


We love to boast about our traditions, and ethnic wear has evolved to a considerable extent with time. Women now have eclectic options of ethnic suits to choose from. All the fashion designers have expanded their horizons and used their creativity to give us the best type of ethnic suits. Pakistani suits are amongst the most worn ethnic wear in the entire world.

Given below are the types of ethnic suits every girl should have in her wardrobe-

  • Long skirt

A long ethnic skirt is a must-have for every girl. There is a huge variety of skirts available in the market. Pakistani suits boast of ethnicity and tradition, and a plain long skirt with a broad Zari is in fashion. This exuberant piece makes you look like a dream!

  • Dhoti pant

This is one of the most innovative renovations, and many women are in awe of the different colours of dhoti and prints. One can even mix and match and create her style. This outfit is of the most interesting ones. This Pakistani Suit is going places. It has broken many stereotypes that are related to ethnic clothing/suits. This outfit can be worn with a semi-long Kurti and would look good with accessories. Many young girls prefer wearing different types of jewellery with this outfit!

  • Anarkali suit

This outfit is one of the most elegant and classic, and it is present in almost every girl’s wardrobe. Some girls prefer a heavy and elaborate Anarkali, while some prefer a lighter version. It depends on you what kind of Anarkali suit you want to wear. This type of Pakistani Suits completely stands out from the rest. This clothing piece is a must-fashion essential, and it originates from Lahore. You should choose the right bottom to wear with your Suit. Maybe a palazzo or pants.

  • Ethnic shrug

An ethnic shrug is the type of outfit with the immense power to change the look of your ordinary dress entirely and make it eclectic. However, these shrugs can be worn to the waistline or knee length, depending on the type of outfit you are wearing underneath. A shrug can be either long or short. It doesn’t matter if it is long or short; it gives a fresh look to the outfit you are wearing underneath it. These shrugs can be worn with a Kurti, leggings, or any other type of pants.

  • Palazzo suit

Palazzo pant is the most popular attire during the summers, and flared palazzo pant is the one which depicts a layered Kurti which is donned with flared pyjamas. You can pull off this attire the way you want and look your dapper best. Many young girls style the outfit with a blazer to give it a more sophisticated look.

  • Lehenga choli

This outfit is undeniably one of the most favourite outfits of many girls amongst the other Pakistani suits. It is available in a light fabric with exciting designs. It is crafted in varied styles, and it is up to you whether you want to go for a chicken lehenga or a simple white lehenga with a dupatta.

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