Synthetic Diamond Engagement Rings


One of the most popular gemstones for engagement rings are the white diamonds. However, these days, the market is full of varied options including colored fancies, imitations as well as synthetic diamonds. So now the question is – do synthetic stones really make for an excellent alternative to the natural ones in engagement rings? Unlike artificial diamonds that are exactly opposite of what natural diamonds are in terms of their chemical composition and physical appearance, synthetic gems are very identical to natural stones. While natural diamonds are created in a geological process over millions of years under absolutely uncontrolled temperatures and pressures, synthetic diamonds are made in a laboratory under controlled conditions through a process developed in the latter part of the twentieth century. Did you know? – Like natural ones, synthetic and lab diamonds are also known to comprise of pure carbon. Their production process leads to the formation of a carbon crystalline lattice that is identical to natural gems, which is why synthetic diamonds have the same atomic composition, physical appearance as well as chemical properties. This makes them as amazing as the real diamonds. The only difference is that they are man made and not natural. The quality of synthetic diamonds varies according to their production process just like that of the natural ones. Since the entire manufacturing process is under control, these diamonds can also be produced in a wide range of enticing colors, clarities as well as carat weights. However, the flaws of synthetic gems are more likely to develop in its structure, which means the larger carat synthetics are harder to come by than the lower carat weights. This quality is also similar to the mined diamonds. So, does a synthetic or CVD diamond make good engagement ring? Well, the answer of this question depends upon how you feel about these diamonds. For some people, synthetic diamonds are as real as natural ones. For others, a diamond created in a laboratory cannot be as good as the natural ones. As synthetic diamonds are grown in a laboratory, they are considerably cheaper than their mined counterparts. This makes for a good alternative for you when you’re out there looking for diamond ring that is cheaper yet equally beautiful. When you choose one that has excellent clarity, good cut and color, you will see an amazing beauty just like a natural diamond. Only reputed jewelers have the skills to tell the difference between a lab created diamond and a natural diamond, otherwise it is unlikely for anyone to recognize whether your engagement ring is set with a laboratory made diamond or natural diamond. In true sense, synthetic diamonds make excellent engagement rings, no matter what design you choose to go with. No matter what the world says not a single person can look at an artifically manufactured stone with their naked eye and differentiate it from its naturally mined counterpart. It is only one’s mind which is in conflict because of its stubborness to the fact that these gems can only be derived from the mines. Once the individual gets over this conflict and realises the different benefits that one gets from the purchase of a CVD stone instead of the natural one, there will be absolutely no doubt about their next purchase. It will indeed be a synthetically manufactured diamonds. You need to be very specific about your selection because if you make the wrong decision about selecting the diamond, your ring may not turn out to be as beautiful as you imagined it to be. Synthetic diamonds are real diamonds, but remember – cheaper and more beautiful without any doubt.