7 Tips For People Who Suffer From Acne


Hello friends, We all are blessed with various talents, attributes, interests and skills. Our destiny and hard work helps us to reach our desired goals in life. There are many factors that boosts our confidence, and physical attributes is one the them that adds to our personality. Well coming to today’s point of discussion, the focus is on one of the common problems of acne. Acne can effect on our social life and lead to stress. Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are our gardeners. So apart from maintaining healthy lifestyle and regular fitness, acne skin care is also very important. Causes of acne Extreme weather condition can cause sweat, sunburn, frost and harsh winds too can lead to problems like dryness, itchiness and flakes, cracking of skin which can invite bacteria to grow and show its effects in the form of acne. Dryness itself can be a cause of acne. Oily-skinned people are usually advised to use a light moisturizer so that their skin doesn’t over-produce oil causing more oiliness. That is precisely what happens with dry skin. To cover up dryness, skin starts producing oil which opens the pores and converts into acne. Dandruff and snowy flakes fall from hair can also effect the skin. Latest lifestyle changes like excessive smoking, drinking can also cause acne. Stress is one of the evil factor that shows psychological effect on your skin. Indulging regularly to junk food causes acne. The current generation faces lots of deficiency in vitamin, calcium and zinc which results in acne. What general mistakes people do in acne skin care First of all, like Cinderella’s story we are not blessed with fairy godmother who can remove our acne overnight with her magic wand. We need to have patience, and wait for at least a month to show any signs of improvement. People generally scrub their skin thinking that clean face can remove acne, but over scrubbing can aggravates the situation. Over use of multiple products simultaneously and for longer duration is again a complete NO. Also some self acclaimed good products can have some ingredients which may not favor acne skin care. Popping and pricking pimples can cause more soreness and swelling. 7 remedies for acne skin care 1) Cinnamon: A paste of cinnamon powder prepared with a few drops of fresh lime juice apply on pimples and blackheads. 2) Honey: Honey has anti bacterial enzymes which heals and repairs the skin. honey can be mixed with milk cream or cucumber juice to make a face mask. 3) Chickpea flour: Chickpea flour can be a little drying too but it clears the skin and prevents scars. Use it with milk cream or milk, turmeric and a vitamin E capsule. Works best on normal -oily or oily types skin. 4) Lifestyle changes: Avoid excessive drinking and smoking. Restricting the intake of junk food and indulging oneself more into fruits and vegetables is definitely favorable for acne skin care. Regular exercise and yoga helps in reducing stress and results in glowing face. 5) Consumption of Water: When the well is dry, we know the worth of water. Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. sipping water every half hour will make sure that there is sufficient intake of water. 6) Vitamin supplements: With doctors recommendation take required vitamin capsules and omega 3 capsules to beat any deficiency. 7) Expert recommendation: Korean Ginseng and Honey box ;- ;This product is been formulated for both dry and acne prone skin. The carefully mended ingredients in this kit not only helps in removing acne but also helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and results in young and glowing face. This set of products is combination of serum, toner, honey cream, calming cream, bio activating essence which provides a one stop total solution to eradicate acne and adds glow to the skin. Acne Prone Sensitive Total Skin Care Kit ;- ;This compromises of soothing cream, facial toner, serum, calming cream, mask, all of which has natural ingredients and hence no side effects and is gentle and smooth on sensitive skin. . So all you lovely people out there, don’t let acne affect your confidence and skill. Love yourself, be happy and live life to the fullest. A little change in lifestyle and above remedies can help you overcome any acne related problems. Love yourself first and everything falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in the world.