The Perfect Hand Care For Summer


The perfect hand care for summer hand carehand care For many women and men, being able to really enjoy the summer is also a question of suitable care and cosmetic products. Especially on summer vacation toiletry bags and make-up bags should be equipped with many extras that play a subordinate role in other seasons. When it comes to sun protection and skincare, most people think primarily of the face and neck area, and coordinated hand care for the hot season is an equally important decision. With coordinated articles, effective sun protection can also be guaranteed for the hands and prevent aging of the skin. In principle, the skin of the human body is to be seen as a single organ that needs extensive care and superior protection in the summer months. Even those who decide to cover their bodies with light clothing in summer and provide sun protection with cotton and other light clothes – hands are exposed to the sun as unprotected as the face. A classic sunscreen is not always enough to optimally care for your own hands, in many cases moisture and nutrients must also be added. As with classic hand care, the individual skin type is crucial when choosing the right preparations. Choose the right sunscreen for your hands How difficult it is to choose the right sun protection is likely to be known for products for the neck or face. It is generally advisable to invest at least in sun protection factor 50 for a sunscreen for the hands; this value can only be undercut for very dark skin types. In general, it is important to think about the creaming of the hands, often only the arms are rubbed into a sleeveless garment. While sunscreen should move into the hand used as a pleasant side effect when applying, there is a risk of sunburn and long-term damage to the skin for the other hand. Sunscreen – Supplement or replacement for the traditional hand cream? If you are not dependent on the application of special creams for medical reasons, you can replace the usual hand cream with sunscreen in the warm season. There is no need to fear that the cream will stress a very oily or sensitive skin type. Many manufacturers now offer products that respond to the respective type and adequately treat dry, oily, or reddening skin. Even if a manicure or the application of cosmetics is planned immediately after applying the sunscreen, many brands can find a corresponding sun product. Depending on the product line, the cream with sun protection factor is absorbed very quickly and ensures that the hands are not additionally greased with other creams. Recognize dangers to your own hands in summer Of course, the skin is not only endangered when you visit the beach for hours, but sunburn also threatens in many situations even in everyday life. A classic case is professional or private trips in your own car, in which the hands on the steering wheel are exposed to permanent sunlight from the windscreen. The rest of the body may be well protected from sunlight – this does not apply to the hands, which can lead to skin problems such as sunburn without being noticed. Basically, it is recommended to store sunscreen in the car and to apply it specifically on sunny days. Of course, you should not permanently expose the cream tube to sunlight, hidden storage in the side or glove compartment is the best choice. Think about moisture and nutrients after sunbathing In addition to classic sunscreen, after-sun products are a sensible purchase that is issued for hands and arms, depending on the manufacturer. These articles are interesting for sun-seekers who spend many hours a day on the beach on vacation and whose skin dries out slowly and unnoticed. By applying special lotions and preparations, the much-needed moisture can be restored, and vitamins and minerals also help the skin to regenerate. Whether a certain after-sun product is also suitable for the hands and corresponds to your own skin type must be considered when buying in a specialist shop or online shop. Here, too, it is important to do justice to your own skin type, since some lotions appear rather greasy and are not suitable for an inherently oily skin type. With the right-hand care, you can come through summer Anyone who is currently looking forward to the holiday or enjoying some extensive sunbathing at home should not forget their hands and coordinated care. As much as cold and heating air pose a danger to healthy skin in winter, the external influences in the summer months are also not to be neglected. Even with sensitive skin types or diseases such as neurodermatitis, it is possible to optimate for high-quality protective products against UVA and UVB radiation and not to worsen the condition of the skin. A look at the Internet reveals which manufacturers can find the right-hand care products. Before buying, you should only pay attention to the individual suitability and intolerance to certain ingredients.