Almond Oil – Your Key to Beautiful Hair & Skin


The use of almond oil is nothing new as it has been used by people since ages due to its amazing health benefits. It is largely considered as a beauty-enhancing product that can produce amazing results on one’s skin and hair. You might have seen many beauty care products that contain some amounts of almond oil. It is quite popular in Southeast Asia and Mediterranean region as Almond tree was first domesticated there. The almond kernels and the nutty oil extracted from the tree are loaded with properties that enhance heart and skin health. Almond oil is known to be rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, protein, potassium and zinc, along with various other minerals and vitamins. These ingredients make it really wonderful for our heart, skin and hair. It generally comes in two variants; bitter and sweet. The bitter one is obtained from the bitter almonds that contain a glycoside known as amygdalin which turns into toxic hydrocyanic acid on processing. It does have some medicinal properties, and is found to be quite safe for external usage, but is better avoided due to the high risk of poisoning. On the other hand, the sweeter one is extracted from edible almonds. It is primarily used for skin and hair care. Being popular aromatherapy product, it is used in various applications in the body care industry. For use of skin, warm the oil to body temperature before applying. This product has a bit wacky smell, which majority of people find pleasing; however you can mix in a few drops of lavender, or any other aromatic essential oil to personalize it. In today’s times, it is much easier to it online to save money and time. For hair care applications, almond is a great choice. To tackle hair loss, use it on a daily basis. Warm one tablespoon of oil and apply it to the scalp every night after taking shower or bath. Massage it gently on scalp until most of it is absorbed. Leave it on overnight for best results. Eating a few almonds every day or putting a few drops of into your salad or smoothie tends to make your hair healthy from inside. You can buy this product online from reputed online sellers that are known for selling genuine products.