Telling Between Custom Leather Jackets For Men And Women Made Easier


As we all know, male and female clothing do differ. This difference or these differences have existed since the Victorian Age. Placement of buttons, size, color ranges all are influenced by the gender that is expected to wear a given garment. And leather jackets are no exception. At times these jackets for men and women vary so widely that telling them apart is very easy. While at other times the differences are very subtle but yet the differences exist. In this blog post let’s explore few tips on how to figure out those differences easily. This will help you stay ahead of your peers and lead the flock with confidence. Jackets as a whole are figured out by their zippers, collars, button sizes, colors and such other features. While determining who a particular biker jacket is meant for you just check the inner lining for a label or tag. This is one of most hassle-free ways to solve your problem. If the label shows a store or brand that caters to a particular gender then you got your answer right away. But that may not be the case every time. These days more and more fashion brands are equally catering to both the genders. Thus the easiest way may not be applicable in every situation. Therefore let’s get into little technicalities. Zippers make difference Start with looking at the zippers. If the zippers and the buttons on the jacket are on the right-hand side you’re dealing with a men’s clothing item. Alternatively if the buttons and zippers are placed on the left, there’re no prizes for correct guessing, the item is meant for females. This difference too dates back to an era long gone. Men required getting their right hand inside their coats to draw out swords. Women – on the other hand – took help of maids to dress up. Right-handed maids could easily dress up their mistresses when the buttons were placed on the left hand side of a dress, explain designers experienced in preparing custom leather jackets for both men and women. WOMENS AND MENS LEATHER BIKER JACKETAlen Cooper is here with its exciting real leather winter outerwear collection. Here you will enjoy traditional lapel collar style with some modern customization. Size and shape matter In the next step consider the size of the given jacket. Motorcycle jackets for men are obviously supposed to be taller, longer and larger compared their female counterparts. Moreover female jackets have more fabric in the chest area and a higher waist-cut design compared to those in the items meant for men. Collars are different Collars in leather jackets meant for men are featured differently than that in females’. Collar in men’s jackets have more room considering wider necks. In addition to that men’s collars also tend to be straight across while women’s collars come with a little slant if you notice carefully. Colors vary The difference between the two varieties of stylish leather items also becomes obvious through colors. Jackets for men are usually black in color although other shades like medium tan, both dark and light grey are also available. On the other hand those meant for women are available in a wider range of shades. Other than conventional black and grey, the range includes white, red, orange, pink, purple and tan. Tailoring approach You also need to observe carefully how the jacket has been tailored. Biker jackets for men have wider shoulders and elongated torsos while women’s ones are slimmer with more fabric at the chest to accommodate their feminine curves. Women’s jackets also have more tailored waists. Hope this blog post serves its purpose. In case if you are still in doubt, just do not hesitate connecting to us. As a premiere fashion house dealing in quality Moto jackets for both men and women, we possess the necessary expertise to guide you the right way. Do watch out this space at regular intervals for more fashion-related topics.