Makeup Trends in 2020


Makeup Trends in 2020 2020 will be a year full of experiment and can try different types of makeup tips which is trending in Social media. Mostly imperfect eye makeup is going viral which can be called as Euphoria Effect. The way you do makeup in 2011 and 2020 will be entirely different many things are changed from product to styles. Now everyone likes to do experiment, everyone loves imperfect makeup look. So, let’s have a look on latest makeup trends. Glass Skin Glass skin most trending makeup look in USA. Most of the people think that need to layer on many highlighting products, the key to glass skin is how you apply your illuminator, instead of the amount you use. Instead, focus on where you’re applying your highlighter. It’s about cleverly finding those points of your face that reflect the shine. That is what creates the allusion of a really glossy, glow finish while keeping your face looking natural. Also, ensure to only use setting powders in certain areas on the face so your skin doesn’t look too oily. Fluffy, Feathered Eyebrow The days of structuring the brow line had come to an end now the fluffy, feathered brow has taken the stand. Feather brows aim for light and fluffy brow hairs that follow your brows’ shape and color, kind like bird feathers. The key to feathered brows is starting small, with a light touch to only the areas that require some extra filling. And feather brows are understated enough to keep the main focus on your other makeup, like bold eyeshadow or lip looks, but are understated enough to easily pair with mascara or clear lip gloss. Floating Eyeliner Tired of traditional eyeliner style then let’s have a look on trending eyeliner look. Floating eyeliner is trending in beauty field. With this eye makeup technique, gone are the times of heavy blending and layering, and welcomed are moments of simplicity, despite looking avant-garde. To create the eyeliner shade, you have ever dreamed of, all you need a white eyeliner pencil and a sharp-angled brush. Gently press a bright eyeshadow into the form you create with an eyeshadow color of your choice. Watercolor Eye Rather than blending neutral shades for a standard smoky eye, try pairing contrasting shadows for a graphic look. This watercolor eye probably the prettiest and coolest 2020 makeup trend. You don’t have to stick with only one color either. Choose one color for your inner corner, another for the middle of your lid, and also the last color for the outer third of your lid. You’ll find yourself with a cool multi-color look. Using a soft blending brush, take a pastel pink blush or eyeshadow and pop it into the eyelid and crease of your eyes. Use the blending brush to make a soft hue of color that wraps around your eyes. you’ll also use lilacs and lavender eyeshadows. Stained Glossy Lips You don’t always need to apply bold colors on your lips now comes the trend of Stained Glossy lips which gives natural look. Lip stains gives you a wash of soft, dreamy color and are super low maintenance too. Lip stains are way more pigmented and brighter than tints. This makes them harder to take off–both a blessing and curse, counting on your usage. Generally speaking, glossy stains leave more a soft vinyl finish, instead of a juicy gloss Dewy Makeup Dewy is that gives more of a natural-looking sort. The radiating, natural-looking skin, the one that illuminates and leaves your face looking the type of natural skin with a natural glow. It won’t show that u have done makeup. This makeup is trending because for the way it celebrates healthy, hydrated skin. A dewy finish uses natural oils and humectants to reflect light and make radiance. Dewy looks are often described as “luminous,” “healthy” or “glowing.” Dewy skin means skin that appears moist, the way grass looks when it’s dew on that within the morning. You’ll achieve it by using moisturizing products. Replacing a foundation with a tinted moisturizer is one great trick. Dewy skin looks youthful and healthy. If you need to get makeup with professional touch it’s better you visit a salon nearby. Bombay Salon one of the best Salon which gives perfect makeup with professional touch. It has branches in Tennessee, Memphis, Cordova, Southaven & Atlanta. Visit for Eyebrow Threading, Eyebrow Threading Service, Bikini Wax, Facial Service, Hair Henna, Henna Tattoo, Mens Hair style, Womens Hair style and service provider in following location like Tennessee, MEMPHIS, CORDOVA, SOUTHAVEN, Atlanta.